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See seek seeking

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See seek seeking

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Joseph B. I pray for the Spirit of the Lord while I address you.

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We should seek without delay to preach by precept and by example to be sure everyone is willing to accept gospel truths and has the opportunity to do so.

No work is more spiritual than temple work. We can seek to strengthen our families and can foster peace and happiness in our homes, making them a safe haven from the cares and woes about us. See 1 Cor.

Seek, and you will find. but our seeking is all external

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense seeks, present participle seeking If you seek something such as a job or a place to live, you try to find one. The last part of the letter, the Articles of Faith, is a concise statement of fundamental beliefs of the Church. If it is questionable, we should avoid it. They teach us to seek that which is good.

I know of no greater blessing that can come to us in mortality than the companionship of the Holy Ghost. Being a good neighbor means doing more than offering a thoughtful gesture from time to time on a holiday or in a crisis.

Since being a very small boy, probably age five, I came to conference, and I remember I sat with my father on the third row, center section, and enjoyed so much all of the conferences that he took me to. He cannot tempt us beyond our power to resist. Evans, Thoughts for One Hundred Days, 5 vols.

As valuable and beneficial as temple work is to them, it is equally valuable to us. Do we respond as well when the need is less urgent but perhaps very important? The House of the Seekkng is a place where we can escape from the mundane and see our lives in an eternal perspective.

We should seek the Holy Ghost, who can be the constant companion of all members of the Church who are obedient and righteous. It is the opposite of passively waiting for something good to come to us, with no effort on our part. Temple work enables us to do for others what they cannot do for themselves.

We have so much good from which to choose that we need never partake of evil. See 2 Ne. It means cultivating peace in our homes and enjoying the peace in our hearts that righteousness brings.

We can seek to enter holy temples frequently to perform essential ordinances regularly for others who have preceded us. A key document of the restoration of the gospel is a letter the Prophet Joseph Smith wrote in reply to a zeek of John Wentworth, editor of a Chicago newspaper.

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We can ponder instructions and covenants that help us understand more clearly the plan of salvation and the infinite love of our Heavenly Father for his children. In a day when broadcasters and publishers have rather free access into our homes, we must seek clean, uplifting entertainment, whether on television, videos, movies, magazines, books, and other printed material. I pray for the Spirit of the Lord while I address you.

Occasionally, family seking treat each other with less courtesy and kindness than they do acquaintances or even strangers. Of course, society seeek care for some of its people, but the general population should get away from the idea of depending on the government for things they can provide for themselves and their families. Church members should seek to carry the gospel message forth to all who will hear it.

By example parents can teach children to be kind, considerate, respectful, and supportive of one another and to avoid strife and contention.

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We should study the issues and the candidates to be sure our votes are based on knowledge rather than hearsay. 2: to try to win or get He sought revenge. We react quickly in an emergency.

Joseph B. We can seek to be good neighbors.

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We should seek to become self-reliant, so far as possible, rather than depend on someone else to provide for us. Definition of SEEK (verb): ask for or try to get something; try to find something seekinh someone The boy's parents are seeking damages from the health authority. See History of the Church, It means striving continuously to seekijg and maintain genuine friendship. In most cases, those who are good neighbors will have good neighbors.

3: to make an attempt Doctors are seeking to find a cure. We seekiing to pray for our public officials and ask the Lord to help them in making momentous decisions that affect us. It is an obligation we accepted when we entered the waters of baptism; we renew it each time we partake of the sacrament.

Regular temple work can provide spiritual strength.