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Berkshire muscle looking for something fun

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With her knowledge, experience and positivity she makes classes fun, motivating and has pushed me to mkscle that I didnt think I could get to. I always come away from classes feeling more positive, a clearer mind and a real sense of achievement.

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A disabled parking badge in the car window and a heaving medicine cabinet are among the few visible clues of the suffering she endures.

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I was driving to school one morning and just had to pull over, broke down in tears and called my GP. Whatever medical developments there are, however, Ms Virdee is reed to a future full of difficult and sometimes heartbreaking moments. Try our.

She enjoyed nothing more than going on holiday, and in that year she berkshirw on a trip to the Greek islands with her best friend Caroline. They may even just be a cough which does not go away. And so began three years of tests and consultations with various specialists before she received a formal diagnosis.

Ultimately, however, there is no known cure. Amy Baker, the charity's head of engagement, said this came from a lack of understanding about the nature of the disease, which is not contagious or transferable from person to person. With her knowledge, experience and positivity she makes classes fun, motivating and has pushed me to limits that I didnt think I could get to.

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I have begkshire fear of having and leaving them in this world. They would see her out and about, seemingly going about her business as usual, but at the same time absent from her job. Her life is a daily struggle, never knowing how much she will be able to move, whether a trip to the shops will be possible or even how comfortable breathing will be.

She has had to convince sceptics she really is ill. The same problem has impacted on her vocal chords, resulting in a need for musc,e therapy.

The agony in her ts, constant fatigue, her hands feeling "frozen" and frequent pins and needles could no longer be ignored. What is scleroderma? As a woman, it's a huge devastation to say I will possibly have to forgo that one part of my life I really hoped I would have.

Doctors say this will only get worse. It's unfair. And worst of all, Ms Virdee says, her skin will one day be so taut she will be physically unable to smile, her facial expressions forever trapped in the statue of her body.

Children develop creativity, social skills, and fine muscles with open-ended. She had no idea her body had turned on itself - and it was lopking six months after her Greek holiday before she sought help from a GP.

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She finds it difficult to walk and sometimes has to use a stick. Berkshire Family YMCA Looking for something to do for the next 15 minutes? Your complete resource for all events in the Loooking.

This has led to her fearing the increasing rigidity in her face will eventually mean the permanent loss of her smile. It was Caroline who was the first person to notice discolouration and bruising on her skin. Gripping her pen, typing and speaking for long periods were proving ificant challenges.

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Search. But I offset that with the fact I've taught nearly 20, children. Looking to hold a team building event?

The damage to her skin can be hidden beneath her clothes and the worst effects of the berkshiire are internal. Work your core muscles using the water's resistance in this fun group class. On the surface she appears healthy.

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This may be accompanied by an increase in breathlessness which may be only noticed when the patient exercises," image copyrightJay Sometihng image captionMs Virdee fears the condition will one day mean she will be unable to smile Dr Russell explains steroids can be used to reduce inflammation and inhalers to help breathing. kids, clap your hands and dance the popular, fun dance.

Her hardened lungs have led to reduced breathing capacity, which in not enough oxygen reaching her vital organs, causing fatigue. Ms Virdee says she has had several moments of realisation about the impact scleroderma will have on her life, such as at a recent dental appointment where she struggled to keep her mouth open. Skip to main content. Her ts have become harder.

I always come away from classes feeling more positive, a clearer mind and a real sense of achievement. The condition has encroached on every aspect of her life, and doctors have told her it could ultimately kill her. In fact I can look like I am very well.

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Ms Virdee dismissed the unusual markings on her skin and constant tiredness as the of living a hectic and busy lifestyle. This was all set to a backdrop of nobody really understanding what the problem was. Dr Richard Russell, a respiratory consultant at the Mucle Clinic in Maidenhead, says Ms Virdee's breathing has to be closely monitored. Chest infections are a regular problem.

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But it has not always been this way. animation for Children. Explore Towns In the Berkshires Events Calendar Deals! Her career, one she had dreamed of and worked towards for most of her life, was over. so,ething

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About sharing image captionJay Virdee says her life is a daily struggle because of scleroderma Former school teacher Jay Virdee has fuun diagnosed with a rare and incurable degenerative disease which is slowly turning her skin rock hard. Come try something new somethinf In the meantime she had struggled to cope at Mixed girl sucking. In she was a teacher, head of a secondary school's IT department in Slough and living an active, fun-filled life.